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Then Focus Universal came to me and said, “We want the world.” I said, “No, thank you.” This went on for a few days, even after I’d left Cannes. You have to be left questioning, what the f*ck is he going to do next, where is he going to go? We would talk about it and didn’t let Jake know what he was going to do, which of course just threw Jake off and made the whole thing feel off balance. Everybody was like that; you don’t get a lot of rehearsals with big actors. We were having dinner one night and he was telling a story. Amy and Jake I went after in a more traditional way.

And they finally just said, “Literally, write on a piece of paper what you want.” I won’t tell you what that was, but I did. They said yes to absolutely every single thing and they honored it, and they have been terrific. I don’t even remember what it was about but I was watching him. I knew I wanted Amy and she was the first person I attached and then after Cannes, I went after Jake.

But she becomes progressively harder to like as we learn more about her and her… Well, yeah, when you observe her relationship with Edward and her withering criticism of his work, and then she tosses him and his unrealized potential aside for a shortcut to an upscale life. She’s the one who doesn’t believe in herself, which is why she leaves Edward.

She is a victim of her insecurity, of her upbringing, of her background, of that particular world, a culture that tells her she should be beautiful, have beautiful children, a beautiful house.

He is the first to remark on the absurdity of how atmospheric this must look.

He is as meticulously coiffed as ever, in signature dark suit, white shirt and tie.

It has in a sense restored my faith in what it might be like to work with a Hollywood studio. Stunning and more than I could have even hoped for. I was so impressed and to say surprised is probably not the right word. He didn’t realize this, but I was thinking, would Aaron be right for this? Amy is cold perfection, and we first meet her in that scene with overweight naked older women. It’s a microcosm for one of the themes of the film.

I still obviously had total final cut; they didn’t even see it until I handed over the deliverables. He started to tell some story, and he went off on something. These are women who have let go of everything that our culture says that they should be, and they were so joyful. They were so comfortable with themselves, with their bodies, absolutely uninhibited. I think a lot of people might think, OK, well, it’s really strange. He uses all these thin models on a runway and this is how he opens a film.

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And she’s empty inside because she threw away the important thing. We are material but you have to keep all of that in perspective because really, as your parents told you when you were a kid, the best things in life are free. Whereas London looks great in the rain because it was built for it.So while it’s early in my film career, it’s not early in my career and I felt very confident I could say to people, “This is what it’s going to be, this is about how much it’s going to cost, this is when I’m going to deliver it to you.” And I did that. Let’s shoot it.” An open mind keeps it fresh and helps it stay alive. If the audience judges that, then that’s perhaps the responsibility of our culture which has told the audience, all of us, that this is what we should think about these women.It sounds arrogant, but I guess when I think back to A Single Man, the thing that surprised me most was when people said, “Oh, I didn’t think you could do that.” Before, everyone said, “Oh, of course you can make a movie! I told you I could do it.” I’ve had failure collections but I pride myself in delivering what I say I am going to. I wasn’t surprised the performances were great, given the actors and the space they had to perform. But if you really look, there’s great beauty there, because they are who they are.It’s going to be great.” Afterwards, they said, “How did it feel? Amy Adams’ Susan draws our sympathy at the beginning. She withers, very subtly, and she says he has a different kind of strength. ” “Strength to believe in him and to believe in me.” The way Amy delivers that, it’s almost like she can barely believe in herself and she knows her mom’s about to shoot her down.She is in this superficial marriage to this guy who’s obviously cheating on her, and she is alone. But she says, “He has the strength to believe in me,” and she doesn’t believe in herself.

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