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If you have a day to take a rest, what would you want to do? Think about it again, there’s a beach in out hometown.

I would like to go watch a movie or go to shopping. Silly (Laugh) If you were about to go on a date with a Japanese girl in your hometown, where would you bring her?

If you were about to go on a date with a Japanese girl in your hometown, where would you bring her?

In which Dongho is a highschool drop out in a gang and Minki is a fiesty highschooler. He has a job at a restaurant far from school because the school does not allow students to do things that will affect their grades especially working. Do all 20 boys end up happy or was this just a decision set up for heart break? ” dongho crawled over his boyfriend, straddling his hips.“horny, maybe.

I'm a newbie in the Nu'est fandom after watching P101.

It's funny how I've never heard about them before and now I listen to their songs at least 10 times a day, no kidding :") They're a group of really talented boys who suffered so much, I think they deserve to be Produce 101 trainees just as much as the others.

Now that they are getting screen time and people are seeing these forgotten idols. As a Minhyun bias, I actually against with this show for them. Yeah no shit there are other trainees in the competition who are also desperate but these boys have worked for 5 years as debuted idols and receive not much income or even worse NO INCOME AT ALL.

I would like to become an artist who is acknowledged in various areas and always provide happiness to the fans." Baekho also expressed his love for the fans, "I would like to show the fans our comfortable selves within our daily lives and approach the fans in a more relaxed/comfortable appearance than anyone else." The group finished the interview by indicating that they will continue to work even harder than before and continue to improve their craft but also thanked the fans for all the love they received this year.They probably wouldn't be there is kpop fans didnt sleep on unknown groups! It's not like Nu'est was on Exo or BTS' level of popularity. I can't believe people are extremely heartless when it's people's CAREERS we're talking about right now.How do you have the heart to attempt at sabotaging that?Lastly, they expressed their personal and group goals for 2018.JR and Aron stated that they would like to hold a concert in Korea.

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