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I told her that I am okay with that as long as she is okay that I am an active atheist and as long as she was not a close-minded fundamentalist. The breadth of my work, simply including my writing or a Google search, should reveal that I’m not ‘lukewarm’ or otherwise easily persuaded to change my positions regarding religion and gods. Of course, as my page’s banner says, I’m willing to change any and all of my beliefs given good reasons, but this girl did not even try to change my beliefs (unless she thought that posing as a person who was really interested in me would make me change? If people want to convince me that I am wrong and their religious beliefs are correct and substantiated, posing as a Christian who isn’t serious about Christianity is not the way to go…and it’s actually a really terrible plan that won’t work.She said that religion was not a big deal for her and she “doesn’t live by the Bible.” Ok, great. I am a super-Christian and it is just making me furious talking to you. I’m open (and love) to have the discussions, but this girl offered no real reasons to persuade me although her Bible, in 1 Peter tells her to do so if asked.) wrestler challenging me to a wrestling match in order for me to find and pray to the god I don’t believe in.Christian singles and dating site Funky Fish is with 25000 protestant and catholic singles one of the funkiest Christian dating site and singles networks around.The only line mentioning anything relating to religion or any gods on her profile was “Christianity and not too serious about it,” so I thought that there would be no problems. I could never imagine myself concealing my identity or otherwise listing “atheism, but not serious about it” on my page, removing all references of my activism, blog, etc and messaging theists on dating sites who I actually was not interested in in order to convert them.Hours after contacting, I authored a blog post regarding vegetarianism in which a lengthy part of the discussion is quite critical of arguments for God. That never even crossed my mind before this post because it is so profoundly ridiculous.that should easily identify me as a skeptic and atheist. Despite this, someone [I’m not going to say who], a few says ago, sent me a message with her cell phone number asking me to call so we can, the same day of the message, go for coffee or a local festival and said “Call me you seem AWESOME!

She said she enjoyed the post and also viewed some of my other writing. Soon after, out of nowhere, she said she “believes what she believes” and believes in God and prays. This plan, though, has obviously utterly failed and this girl revealed that she was either really dumb, naive, or both.

I was also thinking of not even posting this, but as long as I didn’t ‘out her’ or give [many] specifics, I find nothing wrong with this.

This post can be very educational, entertaining, and show the folly of at least one theist. It is a waste of your time, a waste of my time, and it seems to be utterly crazy.

I told her that I couldn’t talk and was busy, but she called and sent multiple texts while I was gaming. I responded asking what she means when she says I am “bad” and why I need “help” and noted that she’s really not concerned about me [or my soul?

After the session, I spoke with her on the phone for an extended period of time and talked about my general personality, announced that I was an atheist, talked about my local activism, my writing, etc. ] like she says she is because she really made no effort to try to convert me [and she did not unless trying to be in a relationship with me under false pretenses is an attempt at conversion] and said “Then I suppose you are not concerned even though you say you feel sorry for me.” I also asked her why she would bother to do this, among other things.

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