Girls behind bars dating

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This was also one of the issues underlying the extensive list of accusations of sexual predation leveled against R. Even from jail, X has found ways to speak, whether to his 142,000-plus Twitter followers or in interviews with outlets like XXL, where X has been given a platform to reassert his innocence without adding much clarity to the events of October 6 to 8.Meanwhile, the alleged victim has faced comments that she “prolly deserved it”; “IMMA LAUGH WHEN HES FREED AND STUNTS ON YOU AND CONTINUES TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND MAKES THIS SHMONEY,” reads one tweet at her.In music, men who’ve to domestic violence range from John Lennon to Don Mc Lean, Ike Turner to Bobby Brown, and Ozzy Osbourne to Scott Weiland—and that’s just those who’ve come clean.Where to draw lines, or whether to draw them at all, is ultimately a personal decision, but it has public consequences in revealing what sort of behavior a society will tolerate when pressed.Kodak Black, who, like X, is 19 and from South Florida, scored his first Hot 100 hit, “No Flockin,” just last month, in between a prison stint on drug charges and an unresolved, far more serious charge of sexual battery.Black was released from jail December 1 on a 0,000 bond.

Cinephiles have debated allegations of abuse against Woody Allen or the statutory-rape guilty plea by Roman Polanski.

Then again, Gucci Mane pleaded guilty to pushing a woman out of a moving car in 2011, and he remains a cult-beloved figure.

When female victims are unknown, their fates have been easier for the public to overlook.

No sooner did video from the event surface than hip-hop fans started speculating about how much the flow might be indebted to an unsigned South Florida rapper currently behind bars.

XXXTentacion—pronounced “X-X-X-tentación,” as in the Spanish word for temptation—is best-known for a luridly distorted track called “Look at Me!

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