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Today there’s no space for shopper vigilantes and, fortunately, less need, though the city’s jean-clad cognoscenti did arise to protest over a Tsimshatsui store that disallowed locals from snapping their cameras in the vicinity while big-spending overseas visitors were free to shoot.Odd matter that, as all the latest designer fashion is available in 3D online for personal tryouts and more. Still, charging at bared cameras remains a holy crusade for mall security guards and shop attendants.This is a shopper mad Mecca where everything and anything goes - swindles, bait-and-switch scams, I-don't-speak-English rebuffs and, on occasion, inordinately polite shop owners who let you browse completely unmolested.I recall being turfed out of a Mongkok camera store 30 years ago when I first arrived in Hong Kong because I had the temerity to ask to see the Nikon I was supposed to be buying.The cadet, Zhang Yu, was having a throwing test in Xi'an, China, when the live grenade slipped out of his hand and landed right next to him.

The woman said she had to rush to see her ill father.Slide Show E-mail Page Print The TST argle bargle has died down, not least of all due to the Consumer Council’s (tel: [852] 2929-2222, almost heroic attempts to bring order to the shopping madness that is Hong Kong.They take issue with strong-arm dealers and blacklist the worst offenders and police a broad range of shopper complaints.Grab a good map, print out this fun guide, study the directions to the best shopping malls and street markets, don sturdy walking shoes, put up your dukes, and you’re ready to roll.More on where to stay in our Hong Kong business hotels review that includes family digs and budget options close to shopping intersections.

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