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Some chests will have only one minigame to complete, but chests containing more important items will have more, up to a maximum of eight.

To use stones, he must switch to first-person view. All three weapons can be powered up by finding magical scrolls scattered throughout the game.

Penalties for failing to open a chest include losing health points or being poisoned.

If the player has a skeleton key, they can bypass the minigames and open the chest immediately.[12] Plot The game begins as Gandalf (voiced by Jim Ward) arrives in the Shire to invite Bilbo Baggins (Michael Beattie) on an adventure.

"Smaug sneers " strange is throwing a party and I wasn't invited!?

" Smaug whips his tail " khan got arrested for murder ! " sherlock is playing his violin in new Zealand and no one told me !

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