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Save the occasional sparring session (you have those bull horns for a reason), you prefer to dwell in harmonious surroundings.Your home is the picture of elegance and sensual luxury.The 9mm-chambered 709 holds seven rounds, while the 740 .40 S&W holds six rounds. Though the dimensions on the SLIMs are slightly different, both guns weigh 19 ounces unloaded.The 9mm 709 has a 3-inch barrel and is 6 inches long, while the 740 .40 S&W has a 3.20-inch barrel and is 6.24 inches long.The 1911FS has a 5-inch barrel, full-sized frame and an overall length of 8.5 inches. Novak sights round off the many upgraded features on this affordable 1911.The .45 ACP-chambered 845 is loosely based on Taurus’ 24/7 OSS—the company’s answer to the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) inquiries for a new service pistol with one major design change—the external hammer.

There aren’t many other reputable firearm manufacturers that can compete with Taurus’ pricing. When the Brazilian gun maker moved to the United States in the 1970s, producing Smith & Wesson revolver clones, the manufacturer’s quality was hit or miss.You dream of (and probably possess) perfumed votives, Pratesi sheets, La Mer creams, and enough gowns to fill a couture house.Being the practical sort, you likely bought them all on sale or socked away your pennies in a special fund so you could responsibly indulge.Both models operate in single or double-action mode and feature high-profile sights, a textured grip, melted edges, a loaded chamber indicator, accessory rail, and a manual safety.Sharing the same specifications except capacity, the Millennium G2 Pro pistols have a 3.2-inch barrel, weigh 22 ounces and are 6.24 inches long.

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