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Shane, on the left, made the fewest movies and was the least attractive.

A female friend I know briefly dated Shane when he lived in Vegas.

I later found out he was the "guest" of a major designer who flew him in as a "birthday present" for himself.

He did and Chi Chi admitted he cried all night long after it.

My best friend tried to touch Shane's wiener when he decided to go off-script and take off his G-string. Yep, I remember it was always a big deal when a stripper would get fully nude--it was a legal no-no in Memphis but would sometimes happen. The dad was older for the time - around 40 when the first son was born. They all seem intelligent and well-adjusted and successful in their careers.

It's just such a curveball that all three went pretty gung ho into gay porn for a time and makes me wonder what their home life was like.

Chi Chi kept up the drugs and Hal kept up the scenes. Wow, this thread brings back those "Rockland" memories, I met Hal, on the 6 train back in '97 or '98, was stunned at how handsome he was in person.

I was living on the UES at the time and was heading uptown to my apartment, as we pulled into 59th Street, I was looking out the door window and BOOM, train stops, there's Hal Rockland!

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